The struggle of not knowing where to lay your head is hard but it’s unbearable when your kids don’t have a place, too. Moms I know it is hard and embarrassing but DON’T GIVE UP!!! My three children and I were in the same situation. We are nearly getting out of it as a write these encouraging words to you. I know you wondering how did it get this bad. Some of you may be in denial. How you got there doesn’t matter right now, you must focus on getting out of being homeless. Some mothers will not understand being homeless but there is the rest that do. I want to let you know you can and WILL be out of this.

The first thing I had to realize is it it’s happening. It is happening RIGHT NOW. MY KIDS AND I ARE HOMELESS. WE HAVE NO HOME!!!!!! After many break downs, I had to do something. There are three girls who are looking at me, like mama what’s going on. The important thing is to not let your children see those tears. Be a super woman while in their present. They feed off our energy and lets not give them that energy of sadness or hopelessness. I know u feel it but it is important to feel as confident as possible even if you are living in a shelter, car, or hotel. You want to make your children think just because my living arrangements are not the best, it doesn’t mean I can’t be the best. Make sure when you send them to school, you tell them how much you loved them and that they are the best. Encourage your kids more than normal.

I know first hand of the embarrassment of being homeless. You don’t want no one to know, especially some family members but you have to let someone know so you can get some help. Your children’ s school can give you many resources that can help. It took me months to let my kids know. I just felt so embarrass for my kids. I felt like they were going to look down on me or even take my kids away. But turns out that was one of the best decisions I would’ve made. The school homeless liaison helped my children out tremendously. I was able to cry in her office and shed tears of joy. They are there to help, so reach out and get the help you need. The resources are in place to help us that are in need. Don’t think of what people are thinking of you, swallow your pride and get the help you need. Your kids are counting on you.

Now that you have some resources , make sure you use them. Now you have to do one of the hardest things ever……… BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! That is the easiest, hardest thing to do. I know !I know! Pray and ask for strength. You will get through this. I know people say don’t give up, just like I am telling you and you want to scream at them but don’t take their advice. Push yourself as harder than never before. Think outside of the box. No matter what it is, you have to believe that you will be bigger than what you are going through. If you have negative people in your life, this shall be their drop off spot. They cant and will not go with you as you climb your way back up to the top. Don’t believe nothing they are trying to put in your thought process. We all make mistakes in life, we have to take ownership of it and turn life around. I know you feel like you are the worst mother ever right now but, YOU ARE NOT! You are teaching your children (whom are watching you even more now) that when life gets hard or when you make not so good choices, you have to get yourself out. I BELIEVE YOU CAN AND WILL! I did it and you can too.

I am totally new at blogging so please, help me out!



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