I love my kids. I love my girls! But I am so concern  about their future. Do any of you parents or guardians feel the same way I feel. I mean I know there are many of you who feel the same way I feel.  These times now are so different. As parents, we have to protect them more than ever. There is an old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”, but now you never know who is in that village. Unfortunately, there are so many people who wants to harm children. It’s so scary. I have an 11,6, and 4-year-old that wants to stay over to their classmates houses. I am so terrified of that. Even if I have had a few of playdate with their parents, my anxiety level is very high. How do some of you handle a sleepover? I can only teach them to pray,  encourage them aware of their surroundings, trust their gut, and everyone is not your friend. (Exhaling) Pray for me!

UGH, I HAVE THREE GIRLS!!!!! Do you know the amount of hair styles I have to think of????? My girls love to look nice. They want their hair done every day. So I have to come up with hairstyles and I hate doing hair. I think this is why God blessed me with three beautiful young ladies because I had no patience before I had children. I did not like doing hair, so God was like, ok here you go, three girls with a head full of hair. So, my patience became slowly because I can’t afford to take them to a salon every week. Even if I could , I definitely wouldn’t! So, I practiced on my oldest hair a lot. I would Google kid hairstyles and practice on her hair. So for those mothers who think you can’t do hair, just find a style you would like for your child and practice on them. Take it from me, I had no clue about hair, but I wanted my girls to look nice. After a while, you will see your growth. Just take that first step and try. You have just taught your child a life lesson, “practice makes perfect” or close to it.


UGH,I HAVE THREE GIRLS!!!!! They are a blessing in my life. Through the ups and downs, my girls have kept me humble and show me how much they love me. I look at them sometimes and wonder why God blessed me with these three. Then I instantly thank Him because I am so grateful. My girls make me work harder and made me love myself more because I see them imitating me. I want to show them how strong their mother is and stronger they will be. To all the parents and guardians, I know how hard parenting is but we can’t stop showing our children the best and worst things out of life. Show them how to handle things the mature way when it gets worse and appreciate it. Enjoy life when its good and appreciate, learn from all the mistakes they will make. Our children are the future! God Bless!!!!

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