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I know I am not the only mom who wake up more tired than when they went to bed. It seems like that alarm goes off exactly an hour after I am sleeping good. Now the rushing begins because I can’t move. I literally have to set my alarm thirty minutes before the actual time to get up. Here we go!!!! Ok, now that I drag myself to the bathroom to hype myself because the day has begun. I turn on the lights in my kids room and tell them it’s time to have a good day. While mentally to the convincing myself the same thing, nevertheless kids let’s get up. My middle child, Joy, is the only child that jumps up after the second, GET UP KIDS! The only child. Matter of fact, she is the only person I know who gets up on the drop of two dimes. Joy gets up and go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. She wash her face and gets dress without me telling her. So awesome, if only her mom was the same way. O well!! Meanwhile, my oldest, Jazz, has not heard a word I said. She has turned over about three times. I now have to drag my eleven year old out of her bed so she can get dressed. Some mornings I have to threaten her with a granola bar for breakfast instead of cereal or pancakes because she just can’t eat a bar for breakfast. Ok, now she is up, let’s get my youngest up. Aree, my four-year old, who in the morning, cannot do anything for herself, I have to literally drag out of bed EVERY MORNING! Some morning with tears and other mornings, she is walking with her eyes closed. While, I am repeating myself , to Aree to brush your teeth, wash your face, no, don’t go back to bed, I have to get dress and still mentally prepare myself for the world outside my house. Ok, I am thinking, if we make it out of here, they can get breakfast at school. Yes, I love those mornings when I don’t have to cook or pour milk for cereal. Ok, my oldest is ready for the world now, she won’t stop talking. My middle child is on top of it as usual, telling me what I forgot, I have on no shoes, or where my keys, it’s always something 90% of the time. My youngest is sleep on the couch or walking slowly car. So, I pick her up, throw her in her booster seat, buckle up and lets drop off these young ladies, so they won’t miss breakfast. Yes, made it in time, well some mornings. Off to work I go, for the next 8-12 hours depends on the day.

Well, evening time is here time to pick up the kids from school or sitter or extracurricular activities or from somewhere. I usually have to go to the store because I forgot something for a meal or the kids need something for school. Ok we home, on a good day by 5, but who are we kidding bad days 7 or later, its time to cook. Now, if I am smart, I will have prepared my crock pot for a lovely meal but ,on those no smart, no restaurant days, I am cooking until about 8:30, which should be bedtime but some days, nope. But as soon we step in the house, I shower and start dinner, while the kids do homework and study. They take their bath and sometimes I also have to do hair. Soon as dinner is done, we pray and eat. I read a book. Off to bed, my kids go. I aim for 9 the latest. The earliest to bed 8:15. By this time, I have to tell my youngest to stop talking and go to sleep. No TV, NO you can’t play, and a lot more of unnecessary stuff she thinks of. She eventually falls asleep. My other two fall asleep about 10-15 minutes after their head hit the pillow. I am so exhausted by now. But I have to clean the kitchen, find clothes for the next day, and other things I forgot to do. Well, we made it through the day, so time for me to get in the bed, so we can repeat those steps. I know a lot of moms can relate, tell me what you do when the kids are asleep, besides sleeping yourself.

God Bless.

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