A working mom is a hard enough challenge of its own, but to those moms that work the overnight shift life is like a war sometimes. The kids, your job, and life vs you!!!!!! I know, I get it but life most go on. I am going to try to make your life a little more easier. First of all, I know working the overnight shift is not your first choice. For me, I had no one to pick the kids up from school, take them to school, or even babysit my youngest. So I had to do what was best to keep food in their  mouths. Now, you must have a strong and great support systems because they are watching your children at vulnerable time. At night, when the “monsters ” comes out, reading time, and for the parents of teenagers and their cellphone. Most of the time they are watching your kids for free or for exchange of you picking their kids up from school. If you working twelve plus hours or eight hours, it seems like you can’t get enough sleep. Whatever the case, moms, you have to work overnight and I have a little guide or advice to help things go a little smoother for you.

When the lids are in school, SLEEP!! Let me repeat that SLEEP  WHILE   YOUR KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL!! If you have errands to run, do as soon as you drop the kids off to school or right before you pick them up. You need to get at least five or six hours before you have to pick the kids up. If you put your kids in an after school program, this can give you more time to rest and prepare for the night.

For those mothers with babies and toddlers, I’m sorry in advance for the lack of sleep you have, but when they sleep, you sleep. Lock your child and you in your bedroom, move all harmful items away and get much on and off sleep as possible. Make sure your child is visible in a playpen, so you can see them as soon as you wake up. I would suggest a baby monitor close to your ear and close to your baby. Even though you are in arms reach, it can enhance the sound if he or she cries.

Ok, the kids are home and you are sooo sleepy because you just can’t get enough sleep. Well, go to sleep. Lay on your living room sofa and get a nap before you help with homework and cook their meals. But I would suggest helping everyone with homework and prepare quick meals. Quick meals, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, baked chicken and rice, you know something fast. The quicker the better. Crock pot meals are the best because you can prepare them in the morning and it’s ready by dinner time.

For those moms with kids in extra activities after school, if you have other parents that can take your child, LET THEM…… you need to get some rest. Just explain  to the parent, hey I work nights and I am tired. You can pick them up or let them bring them home. Don’t  feel like you are neglecting them for sleep, you have not had enough sleep and in a couple of hours you have to go work. If you make at least one practices a week and every game or recital, you deserve the mother of the year award. Congratulations, the winner is YOU! The award is sleep. You can thank me later. Once their home, help them with homework  and meal is ready, life goes own. Don’t  beat yourself up over that!!

Homework is done, meal is prepared and now let’s get everyone bathe. Once night-clothes comes home, read to your kids or just have some conversation with them brief but still letting them know, I am here for you. Rather you have to take them to the sitter or if they come to your house, get them ready for bed and take a moment to yourself to mentally prepare for work. Go to work and do it all over again!!!








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