10 Things To Do With Your Kids on Their Thanksgiving Break

Ok moms, kids are out of school this week. You may have them in daycare or they are home with you. I know. I know. They are getting into everything and eating up everything. Well, I have ten ideas that I am doing with my children this week. Just to keep them busy and to keep them out of the kitchen. Now, that’s a hard task keeping them out of the kitchen, but I am up for the challenge.



  1. Let them watch TV or play with their tablet . Its their break and they deserve to relax and take a load off for a while.
  2. Let them make Thanksgiving cards for their grandparents  or your guest showing what they are most thankful for them. Get some construction paper, glue, and old magazines so they can cut out different things to place them on their cards.
  3. Have your kids and you maybe to go through  their r closets to find clothes that they can no longer fit and pack them up to give to less fortunate.
  4. Have them make more Thanksgiving cards and when you all go to the store, pass them out to random people while saying Happy Thanksgiving. You can have them to put “I am thankful for your smile” or “I am thankful for your  kindness “.
  5. Have them to play teacher and student. You have older kids that can teach their younger sibling.
  6. Have them to help you put with your grocery list and menu for Thanksgiving.
  7. Take the children to your locate homeless shelter or church, so they can help with preparing for the big meals on Thanksgiving.
  8. Have them clean from top to bottom. I know they not going to like that but you have guests  coming, a little cleaning need to be done. But please reward them afterwards.
  9. Rearrange their room or clean out the garage and attic. I know you have to find those Christmas lights.
  10. After Thanksgiving Day, time to decorated for Christmas. Kids really love putting up lights and trees.


There you have it mom, 10 things that can give you a little sanity while the kids are out on break. If you have some more ideas, please share. Happy Thanksgiving


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