Be Thankful Moms



As the Thanksgiving holiday approach, I would like for you to take time out and just be thankful for what you have. Just look around at all of your blessings. Moms I know we have so much going on right now, kids are out of school (eating everything in sight), family coming in to town, tackling  the grocery stories with the kids, and you have to plan this big Thanksgiving dinner. I know that’s a lot and sometimes we don’t have time to think. But when you are sitting in your  car after loading all of those groceries and taking a breather to yourself, just think about how bless you are to be here and to have all of what you have. There are so many moms out here who want to cook their family a great big meal but they don’t have something so simple as a kitchen, food, or even family. It’s sad thing when you don’t have the little things that we sometimes take for granted. Let’s not forget what Thanksgiving suppose to represent, being thankful. Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives  and forget about the less fortunate. It’s human nature to forget sometimes  but when we remember we need to act on it and be a blessing to someone who don’t  have what you got. It’s  sometimes the little thing you do for a person that has a great impact on their lives. When the holidays approach, some people tend to think more about what they are lacking in the world then what they have. It makes them sometimes  suicidal  or distance. If you find a person who is thinking about what they are lacking, try to point out what good they have in their life. Sometimes they just need reminding or just want to feel loved by someone.  So moms, just take time out this week and think about what you are thankful for. Then asked your kids before you have your Thanksgiving dinner what they are thankful for. If you have homeless shelter  never by, drop by and lean a hand or donate some food. I am more than positive  they will appreciate it.



There are so many things I am thankful for but this year I am most thankful for actually living in a home and not a car or hotel room. It wasn’t  long ago, I was praying for a miracle( I still am but it’s not so big now).

So thankful that my kids are here and healthy.

I am so thankful my parents are still here and healthy.

So thankful my siblings and nephew are here and healthy, as well as family and a few friends.

I am so thankful to share my stories and inspiration with you.

I am just thankful for having life, right mind, and an able body.


Be thankful for your life, family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday. Share your hugs to willing strangers. Happy Thanksgiving!

God Bless.






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