Moms, It’s Christmas Season, Lets Do Something Different

It’s official what most people consider a season of giving, yep, IT”S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!! We are dishing through the snow, red nose reindeer, jingling bells, and silent night ing, but after the kids are sleep. Moms we are doing everything we can to get the kids whatever on their Christmas list, some long and short. Beware of the short list because there is where the most expensive gifts awaits. My daughter wants a different tablet each year. I told her Santa is tired of bringing tablets, but anyway  let’s get back on track. Ok, moms I know we have to plan dinners, wrap gifts, buy gifts, male gifts, and so much more. As moms, we have a routine that we think we have to follow. Especially around this holiday, but let’s do something different this Christmas. What, you may asked??? I have no clue, but just step out of your normal routine and just have FUN!!!!! That’s just take advantage of this giving season and have FUN, NO STRESS!! Step out of your normal routine  and switch roles with dads or others. I know something even better just add to their to do list and shorten yours. Moms we are taking Christmas back!!! Lets gets some of the pressure off of us and actually have fun this Christmas and stress later. I think we should do a lot more partying. What do you think about that? I hope you agree. Ok, let’s think of new things to do this Christmas besides partying. Lets step out of what we normally do for the holidays. Talk with your mom pals or your “not a mom just yet” pals and see what are some of the fun tradition they have. Swap traditions or think of something  new to do, get your kids involve with their create ideas. For instance, if you don’t normally throw a wrap gifts party, throw one this season. If you normally throw a wrap gifts party, throw a sweater party. Doing something different doesn’t means it has to be big and fancy, just something to celebrate family and friends. If you don’t normally help out the homeless shelter, visit one or two and volunteer for a few hours. This Christmas for the most part don’t happen unless us, moms, are putting a 100% in to make sure things are going right or even going at all, but we are going to reduce that 100% to 70%. That’s not much but its enough to for us to break some of the stress of the holidays. Moms we need to focus on the reason for the season, enjoy family and friends. Remember stress less and just have FUN!! Happy Holidays! God Bless!


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