I know I am not the only one who loves Christmas time. It seems like most of the world is calm and peaceful, we just keep praying for the others that don’t feel the Christmas spirit. But those that do usually want to hang around your family and friends. Moms I know the holidays are stressful, so I have a few party ideas that gives you an excuse to break out or buy some wine. A party don’t have to consists on a lot food, drinks , or games. It’s all about having fun and hanging out with . I have 5 party ideas that can bring some fun to the Christmas holiday. Check it out!!!


  1. Wrap Gift Party– This is a party where you can have family and friends over and wrap gifts. This is most helpful to moms who HATE wrapping gifts(LIKE ME) and to the moms that loves wrapping gifts (Let just say thanks so much). We can help each other get ready for Christmas and enjoy each others company in the mean time. All you need are the gifts, wrapping paper, couple of appetizers and don’t forget the wine.
  2. Swap Gift Party– This is one of my favorites. Ok, at a swap gift party, you invite your close friends and family to swap slightly used toys or items you don’t want anymore. Your child may didn’t like their Elmo anymore and your sister’s child wants one this Christmas. Swap gifts!!! Every gift doesn’t have to be new, save some money.
  3. Christmas Kid sleepover– This is just a little sleepover before Christmas for the kids and moms. Since they will be out of school, get a few of your mom friends and pick a night where your child can sleepover. That can give the other mom time to maybe finish shopping, host a party, hide gifts or whatever you need to prepare for Christmas.
  4. Ugly Sweater Party– The title speaks for itself. Send out invitation for people to wear the ugliest sweater and party. As always don’t forget the wine!!
  5. Gag Gift Party– Also one of my favorites kind of parties.  My family has this type of party every Christmas Day. After we opens gives at our own house, we meet up at someone house and bring the most unnecessary item gift wrap. It could be, a pen, toenail clipper, key chain or coal. You bring a gift and get a gift. Not of one the best gifts but it is fun to see what everyone gets.


There you have it, I can see your Christmas rocking now. Enjoy the holidays and be stress free as much as possible. God Bless!!


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