I know I am not the only one who loves Christmas time. It seems like most of the world is calm and peaceful, we just keep praying for the others that don’t feel the Christmas spirit. But those that do usually want to hang around your family and friends. Moms I know the holidays are stressful, so I have a few party ideas that gives you an excuse to break out or buy some wine. A party don’t have to consists on a lot food, drinks , or games. It’s all about having fun and hanging out with . I have 5 party ideas that can bring some fun to the Christmas holiday. Check it out!!!


  1. Wrap Gift Party– This is a party where you can have family and friends over and wrap gifts. This is most helpful to moms who HATE wrapping gifts(LIKE ME) and to the moms that loves wrapping gifts (Let just say thanks so much). We can help each other get ready for Christmas and enjoy each others company in the mean time. All you need are the gifts, wrapping paper, couple of appetizers and don’t forget the wine.
  2. Swap Gift Party– This is one of my favorites. Ok, at a swap gift party, you invite your close friends and family to swap slightly used toys or items you don’t want anymore. Your child may didn’t like their Elmo anymore and your sister’s child wants one this Christmas. Swap gifts!!! Every gift doesn’t have to be new, save some money.
  3. Christmas Kid sleepover– This is just a little sleepover before Christmas for the kids and moms. Since they will be out of school, get a few of your mom friends and pick a night where your child can sleepover. That can give the other mom time to maybe finish shopping, host a party, hide gifts or whatever you need to prepare for Christmas.
  4. Ugly Sweater Party– The title speaks for itself. Send out invitation for people to wear the ugliest sweater and party. As always don’t forget the wine!!
  5. Gag Gift Party– Also one of my favorites kind of parties.  My family has this type of party every Christmas Day. After we opens gives at our own house, we meet up at someone house and bring the most unnecessary item gift wrap. It could be, a pen, toenail clipper, key chain or coal. You bring a gift and get a gift. Not of one the best gifts but it is fun to see what everyone gets.


There you have it, I can see your Christmas rocking now. Enjoy the holidays and be stress free as much as possible. God Bless!!


Moms, It’s Christmas Season, Lets Do Something Different

It’s official what most people consider a season of giving, yep, IT”S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!! We are dishing through the snow, red nose reindeer, jingling bells, and silent night ing, but after the kids are sleep. Moms we are doing everything we can to get the kids whatever on their Christmas list, some long and short. Beware of the short list because there is where the most expensive gifts awaits. My daughter wants a different tablet each year. I told her Santa is tired of bringing tablets, but anyway  let’s get back on track. Ok, moms I know we have to plan dinners, wrap gifts, buy gifts, male gifts, and so much more. As moms, we have a routine that we think we have to follow. Especially around this holiday, but let’s do something different this Christmas. What, you may asked??? I have no clue, but just step out of your normal routine and just have FUN!!!!! That’s just take advantage of this giving season and have FUN, NO STRESS!! Step out of your normal routine  and switch roles with dads or others. I know something even better just add to their to do list and shorten yours. Moms we are taking Christmas back!!! Lets gets some of the pressure off of us and actually have fun this Christmas and stress later. I think we should do a lot more partying. What do you think about that? I hope you agree. Ok, let’s think of new things to do this Christmas besides partying. Lets step out of what we normally do for the holidays. Talk with your mom pals or your “not a mom just yet” pals and see what are some of the fun tradition they have. Swap traditions or think of something  new to do, get your kids involve with their create ideas. For instance, if you don’t normally throw a wrap gifts party, throw one this season. If you normally throw a wrap gifts party, throw a sweater party. Doing something different doesn’t means it has to be big and fancy, just something to celebrate family and friends. If you don’t normally help out the homeless shelter, visit one or two and volunteer for a few hours. This Christmas for the most part don’t happen unless us, moms, are putting a 100% in to make sure things are going right or even going at all, but we are going to reduce that 100% to 70%. That’s not much but its enough to for us to break some of the stress of the holidays. Moms we need to focus on the reason for the season, enjoy family and friends. Remember stress less and just have FUN!! Happy Holidays! God Bless!


10 Things To Do With Your Kids on Their Thanksgiving Break

Ok moms, kids are out of school this week. You may have them in daycare or they are home with you. I know. I know. They are getting into everything and eating up everything. Well, I have ten ideas that I am doing with my children this week. Just to keep them busy and to keep them out of the kitchen. Now, that’s a hard task keeping them out of the kitchen, but I am up for the challenge.



  1. Let them watch TV or play with their tablet . Its their break and they deserve to relax and take a load off for a while.
  2. Let them make Thanksgiving cards for their grandparents  or your guest showing what they are most thankful for them. Get some construction paper, glue, and old magazines so they can cut out different things to place them on their cards.
  3. Have your kids and you maybe to go through  their r closets to find clothes that they can no longer fit and pack them up to give to less fortunate.
  4. Have them make more Thanksgiving cards and when you all go to the store, pass them out to random people while saying Happy Thanksgiving. You can have them to put “I am thankful for your smile” or “I am thankful for your  kindness “.
  5. Have them to play teacher and student. You have older kids that can teach their younger sibling.
  6. Have them to help you put with your grocery list and menu for Thanksgiving.
  7. Take the children to your locate homeless shelter or church, so they can help with preparing for the big meals on Thanksgiving.
  8. Have them clean from top to bottom. I know they not going to like that but you have guests  coming, a little cleaning need to be done. But please reward them afterwards.
  9. Rearrange their room or clean out the garage and attic. I know you have to find those Christmas lights.
  10. After Thanksgiving Day, time to decorated for Christmas. Kids really love putting up lights and trees.


There you have it mom, 10 things that can give you a little sanity while the kids are out on break. If you have some more ideas, please share. Happy Thanksgiving


Be Thankful Moms



As the Thanksgiving holiday approach, I would like for you to take time out and just be thankful for what you have. Just look around at all of your blessings. Moms I know we have so much going on right now, kids are out of school (eating everything in sight), family coming in to town, tackling  the grocery stories with the kids, and you have to plan this big Thanksgiving dinner. I know that’s a lot and sometimes we don’t have time to think. But when you are sitting in your  car after loading all of those groceries and taking a breather to yourself, just think about how bless you are to be here and to have all of what you have. There are so many moms out here who want to cook their family a great big meal but they don’t have something so simple as a kitchen, food, or even family. It’s sad thing when you don’t have the little things that we sometimes take for granted. Let’s not forget what Thanksgiving suppose to represent, being thankful. Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives  and forget about the less fortunate. It’s human nature to forget sometimes  but when we remember we need to act on it and be a blessing to someone who don’t  have what you got. It’s  sometimes the little thing you do for a person that has a great impact on their lives. When the holidays approach, some people tend to think more about what they are lacking in the world then what they have. It makes them sometimes  suicidal  or distance. If you find a person who is thinking about what they are lacking, try to point out what good they have in their life. Sometimes they just need reminding or just want to feel loved by someone.  So moms, just take time out this week and think about what you are thankful for. Then asked your kids before you have your Thanksgiving dinner what they are thankful for. If you have homeless shelter  never by, drop by and lean a hand or donate some food. I am more than positive  they will appreciate it.



There are so many things I am thankful for but this year I am most thankful for actually living in a home and not a car or hotel room. It wasn’t  long ago, I was praying for a miracle( I still am but it’s not so big now).

So thankful that my kids are here and healthy.

I am so thankful my parents are still here and healthy.

So thankful my siblings and nephew are here and healthy, as well as family and a few friends.

I am so thankful to share my stories and inspiration with you.

I am just thankful for having life, right mind, and an able body.


Be thankful for your life, family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday. Share your hugs to willing strangers. Happy Thanksgiving!

God Bless.








A working mom is a hard enough challenge of its own, but to those moms that work the overnight shift life is like a war sometimes. The kids, your job, and life vs you!!!!!! I know, I get it but life most go on. I am going to try to make your life a little more easier. First of all, I know working the overnight shift is not your first choice. For me, I had no one to pick the kids up from school, take them to school, or even babysit my youngest. So I had to do what was best to keep food in their  mouths. Now, you must have a strong and great support systems because they are watching your children at vulnerable time. At night, when the “monsters ” comes out, reading time, and for the parents of teenagers and their cellphone. Most of the time they are watching your kids for free or for exchange of you picking their kids up from school. If you working twelve plus hours or eight hours, it seems like you can’t get enough sleep. Whatever the case, moms, you have to work overnight and I have a little guide or advice to help things go a little smoother for you.

When the lids are in school, SLEEP!! Let me repeat that SLEEP  WHILE   YOUR KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL!! If you have errands to run, do as soon as you drop the kids off to school or right before you pick them up. You need to get at least five or six hours before you have to pick the kids up. If you put your kids in an after school program, this can give you more time to rest and prepare for the night.

For those mothers with babies and toddlers, I’m sorry in advance for the lack of sleep you have, but when they sleep, you sleep. Lock your child and you in your bedroom, move all harmful items away and get much on and off sleep as possible. Make sure your child is visible in a playpen, so you can see them as soon as you wake up. I would suggest a baby monitor close to your ear and close to your baby. Even though you are in arms reach, it can enhance the sound if he or she cries.

Ok, the kids are home and you are sooo sleepy because you just can’t get enough sleep. Well, go to sleep. Lay on your living room sofa and get a nap before you help with homework and cook their meals. But I would suggest helping everyone with homework and prepare quick meals. Quick meals, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, baked chicken and rice, you know something fast. The quicker the better. Crock pot meals are the best because you can prepare them in the morning and it’s ready by dinner time.

For those moms with kids in extra activities after school, if you have other parents that can take your child, LET THEM…… you need to get some rest. Just explain  to the parent, hey I work nights and I am tired. You can pick them up or let them bring them home. Don’t  feel like you are neglecting them for sleep, you have not had enough sleep and in a couple of hours you have to go work. If you make at least one practices a week and every game or recital, you deserve the mother of the year award. Congratulations, the winner is YOU! The award is sleep. You can thank me later. Once their home, help them with homework  and meal is ready, life goes own. Don’t  beat yourself up over that!!

Homework is done, meal is prepared and now let’s get everyone bathe. Once night-clothes comes home, read to your kids or just have some conversation with them brief but still letting them know, I am here for you. Rather you have to take them to the sitter or if they come to your house, get them ready for bed and take a moment to yourself to mentally prepare for work. Go to work and do it all over again!!!









I am so blessed to have my three girls in my life. I don’t know why God blessed me with them, but I am so glad He did. Life has been rougher than normal the past few years and it has been hard to keep my faith. It is been more harder to pray. Extremely hard,sometimes. I question God and get mad at Him and I know that I shouldn’t. At those times, I feel like He sends my children to me (out of the blue) with messages. My oldest comes to me and say, ” it will be ok ma, be happy. Are you happy? Put a smile on your face”. It comes in moments when I am just doing normal stuff cooking,cleaning or whatever. I am not sure if my face says unhappy or it shows that I have a lot on my mind, but I feel like God is telling me to smile, I got you!! I could be in the other room thinking of negative things in my life and I will hear my middle daughter say to my youngest daughter, “Aree, you have to think about happy stuff and be happy”. I am thinking to myself God,is that you? Are you telling me to redirect those negative thoughts to positive. Well, I am not sure if it is him but quickly redirect those negative thoughts to positive ones. There was a time we were riding going somewhere, this was when we first became homeless and I didn’t know where to go. I was driving and crying very hard on the inside and as soon as I felt those tears about to make their appearance down my face, my daughter says,”Mom, can we hear some God music?” Of course, I find a gospel station and think to myself God please give me the strength. I don’t know how or why He does it, but He do. Those tears still fall but now they are falling for a bigger and better reason, hope and faith.  I am not sure if God is really talking to me through those beautiful girls of mines but I feel like it. It gives me more motivation to keep it pushing and I do. Father, I pray you continue to use my kids and we thank you. I am not sure if there are any parents who feel the same way, I do but if you do please let me know.

God Bless


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I know I am not the only mom who wake up more tired than when they went to bed. It seems like that alarm goes off exactly an hour after I am sleeping good. Now the rushing begins because I can’t move. I literally have to set my alarm thirty minutes before the actual time to get up. Here we go!!!! Ok, now that I drag myself to the bathroom to hype myself because the day has begun. I turn on the lights in my kids room and tell them it’s time to have a good day. While mentally to the convincing myself the same thing, nevertheless kids let’s get up. My middle child, Joy, is the only child that jumps up after the second, GET UP KIDS! The only child. Matter of fact, she is the only person I know who gets up on the drop of two dimes. Joy gets up and go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. She wash her face and gets dress without me telling her. So awesome, if only her mom was the same way. O well!! Meanwhile, my oldest, Jazz, has not heard a word I said. She has turned over about three times. I now have to drag my eleven year old out of her bed so she can get dressed. Some mornings I have to threaten her with a granola bar for breakfast instead of cereal or pancakes because she just can’t eat a bar for breakfast. Ok, now she is up, let’s get my youngest up. Aree, my four-year old, who in the morning, cannot do anything for herself, I have to literally drag out of bed EVERY MORNING! Some morning with tears and other mornings, she is walking with her eyes closed. While, I am repeating myself , to Aree to brush your teeth, wash your face, no, don’t go back to bed, I have to get dress and still mentally prepare myself for the world outside my house. Ok, I am thinking, if we make it out of here, they can get breakfast at school. Yes, I love those mornings when I don’t have to cook or pour milk for cereal. Ok, my oldest is ready for the world now, she won’t stop talking. My middle child is on top of it as usual, telling me what I forgot, I have on no shoes, or where my keys, it’s always something 90% of the time. My youngest is sleep on the couch or walking slowly car. So, I pick her up, throw her in her booster seat, buckle up and lets drop off these young ladies, so they won’t miss breakfast. Yes, made it in time, well some mornings. Off to work I go, for the next 8-12 hours depends on the day.

Well, evening time is here time to pick up the kids from school or sitter or extracurricular activities or from somewhere. I usually have to go to the store because I forgot something for a meal or the kids need something for school. Ok we home, on a good day by 5, but who are we kidding bad days 7 or later, its time to cook. Now, if I am smart, I will have prepared my crock pot for a lovely meal but ,on those no smart, no restaurant days, I am cooking until about 8:30, which should be bedtime but some days, nope. But as soon we step in the house, I shower and start dinner, while the kids do homework and study. They take their bath and sometimes I also have to do hair. Soon as dinner is done, we pray and eat. I read a book. Off to bed, my kids go. I aim for 9 the latest. The earliest to bed 8:15. By this time, I have to tell my youngest to stop talking and go to sleep. No TV, NO you can’t play, and a lot more of unnecessary stuff she thinks of. She eventually falls asleep. My other two fall asleep about 10-15 minutes after their head hit the pillow. I am so exhausted by now. But I have to clean the kitchen, find clothes for the next day, and other things I forgot to do. Well, we made it through the day, so time for me to get in the bed, so we can repeat those steps. I know a lot of moms can relate, tell me what you do when the kids are asleep, besides sleeping yourself.

God Bless.

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